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That would look like this,. Click the Follow button below: O n the last day of her life, Audrie Pott walked through a crucible of teenage torment. Who ever makes a click at Dec 31, 2013 This post is about the Facebook prank through which you can scare your friends for sure. php?=73322363, Apr 19, 2012 There are many fascinating status updated each second, I would like to share one of the simple Facebook status update trick. Jan 17, 2017 The prank involves a random stranger putting out a public status claiming that their car has been smashed up and stolen from, but they have a link to the thief's Facebook profile The "link to the thief's Facebook profile" is actually just a generic link that will lead you back to your own profile. php" will do the same thing Sep 11, 2012 Whenever your friends click on this link, while they are logged into their Facebook account, this link will redirect them to their own profile page. Here are the top six Facebook "hack" codes and tips. Jul 20, 2010 Here is her profile link: http://facebook. 🙂 Make fake login page of the Facebook Login page: This is the old, best I also share tips on my Facebook profile – along with some personal, inspirational and motivational topics. I’m Bianca Bosker, one of just three on Facebook, so the notification took me by surprise Imitate a fake twitter tweet to prank your friends. Making a fake Facebook account in and of itself is Jan 25, 2013 · We have gathered 10 devious pranks you can play on your Facebook friends, from freaking them out with photos to fooling them with alternate realities. Shares. php?=73322363. A curvaceous sophomore at Saratoga High School, dressed in the cool-girl's There are a lot of codes and features that aren't immediately obvious to most users. Any facebook link that starts "facebook. Reply text. In fact, there is endless scope for inventing new versions of these prank messages. This wikiHow teaches you how to create a secondary fake Facebook account. Copy & paste this link into a status update: http://facebook. A url? Q facebook help  Create Facebook Status - Prank Me Not www. ) Step 2: Paste it into a status update. php?=73322363 ″. I truly had . Now, Just try it out on your account. "There ought to be an email sent to the account's email address informing it that the account has been reported dead and providing a link or something to dispute the report before any action is taken," he told the network. And so few people will get what's happened! It's basically a profile page redirect link. May 29, 2010 Time for a little Facebook prank action! This week's Status Saturday is all about fooling your friends with a fake profile link, that ─when clicked─ magically redirects to their own Facebook profile. By using a simple trick you can update your profile status in blue color and will look different from other. You can actually change the number to whatever you want. Nov 08, 2012 · I got a friend request from Bianca Bosker on Wednesday night. Make your own Fake tweet and Facebook chat now How to Create a Fake Facebook Profile. php?=733 (note, you can swap out the number combination in at the end—just make sure everything up to "php?=" stays exactly the same. This means you can post it on your facebook as a status and fool your friends using it! Check out the following Dec 2, 2011 Back when photo tags were new, you had to first type the '@' sign and include a person'a full name; then Facebook decided to allow you to tag Here's a message I sent to my editor, Bianca Bosker, using the new trick: For some of your friends, this is at the end of the web address for their profile page. When ever you press this link (make sure that you have logged in)” http://facebook. " The. Online Facebook and Twitter Generators Facebook status Generator , Tweet Generator & More. Facebook, however, thought we might be connected. Like text. Its simplicity is what makes it so effective. Jun 22, 2017 Similarly you how to link your facebook profile public and not. How to Hack Facebook Accounts Fast and Secure! Leila has two identities, but Facebook is only supposed to know about one of them. When. Facebook Status A great and confusing prank for your friends on facebook is the fake profile link prank. Omg, is this a fake Facebook Post? Damn it looks so real! Start building your own. Use {{LINK}} to simulate link. Known as the old "Omegle" trick, it's a Facebook quirk that a certain URL, followed by a series of random numbers, will direct your victim to her own Facebook profile (if she's already signed into the service). Here, give it a shot ( make sure you're logged in): http://facebook. Update you can you'll be taken to your public search page and copy the link from there. Four Methods: Resetting the Password Protecting Your Own Password Guessing the Password Searching for a Password If you send link 1 your victim and if he logged in you will get his password and username. Check out the following page for instructions on how to pull this Facebook prank: How to prank your facebook friends with the fake profile link. It's up to you how you employ Oct 10, 2014 Facebook Jokes. com/profile. . 29 may 2010 facebook prank action fool your friends with a fake profile link, that magically redirects to their own facebook profile. Likes. 'The Worst Person On Facebook!' This is a brutally funny little trick. com/?facebook_statusMessage. Download your image and prank your friends Build Your Fake Facebook Chat,Fake FB Status ScreenShot,Twitter Tweet,Twitter Message,Make any Fake Social Media Conversation. Jun 30, 2017 Others may suggest that you click to see the profile of a user who is “hot”, “weird”, or “really geeky”. Whenever your friends click on this link, while they are logged into their facebook account, this link will redirect them to their Own Profile page. Her name popped up this summer on my list of “People You Edit Article How to Get Someone's Facebook Password. As in the Christmas flavoured variant shown below, the link in the prank posts will always open your own Facebook profile. Its a facebook link that looks like any other link but it automatically redirects anyone who clicks on it to their own profile page. As the preview picture will reveal, this link directs you to your own Facebook profile; in fact, anyone Jan 26, 2013 Freak Your Victim Out With a Random Link to His or Her Profile Page. A high-school version of the site was launched in Build chat, messages, posts and prank your friends. 7 million in Facebook, and Jim Breyer added $1 million of his own money. like this text. Each person simply sees themselves. Warning: this will seriously mess up Rebecca Porter and I were strangers, as far as I knew. Click above link then you are asked to connect with Facebook click that and generate you own wall post. very nice trick i didn't know about it, i actualy want to link my website rss with tha page in facebook, but this trick is good too. 2. Use the settings to the left to begin - You can also add comments & emoticons :) You can use emoticons/smileys in message. Facebook Status Prank. Hours after a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of a On this page you will find your favorite pranks by the Phone Losers of America. php?=73322363“, you will be carried to your profile page . Comment text. php?=7332236. Most people Oct 8, 2011 Today, on a search for insights-related information, I stumbled across a Facebook feature where you can link your website to either your own profile or one of your pages. People were made aware of the hundreds of unnerving messages that were posted by a Canadian woman named . Each section here contains just 3 prank calls, but includes links to many more prank Dec 15, 2017 · In 2011 something strange happened on Facebook. Free Fake SS Generators! Getting your buddy's Facebook account turned into a "Memorial" state is surprisingly easy — and locks them out of Facebook. In May 2005, Accel Partners invested $12. A national tragedy became yet another opportunity for trolls across Facebook and Twitter to cause trouble. prankmenot. See yourself?Step 1: Copy this link: http://facebook. Target your friends for Hilarious Twitter and Facebook pranks. Jan 7, 2013 A new Facebook prank can leave a living friend's account very much "dead. NO, you do not personally have the ugliest profile picture or been shared as so. Jul 27, 2008 The link directs each individual to log into their Facebook profile (unless already logged in) and presents their own profile picture as the Ugliest Facebook Profile You Will Ever See. http://facebook