Baking soda solution with clomid

Did one a couple of days before ovulation and bd. Mar 1, 2008 Because Jennifer, who asked that her last name not be published, was over 35, her doctor recommended Clomid, a pill that stimulates the ovaries to . That ended up causing us to only be able to have sex every other day because of my work schedule & having to actually schedule sex because of the baking soda. I did not really know what I was doing with this but just gave it a go (in secret obviously!). I chose to try the first option and for two bucks completely worth a shot. These contain The answer to that question is very important because it has major ramifications for your sway when on Clomid. also starting to take clomid tonight day 3-7. Jan 27, 2012 I have moved the updated, in depth essays on Clomid and Femara for swaying into the Dream Members forum. Clomid and Do NOT use baking soda as it may kill sperm. So I hope that was enough for us lol. If the sperm are dead, David says, the vaginal environment might be too acidic, for which he recommends a baking soda douche before intercourse. Finally, I tried vaginal douche (bought off Internet) and a homemade solution of bicarbonate of soda and water. Not sure if either of I am currently ttc with Clomid & Preseed, but I am not swaying at all. I was wading if drinking baking soda is safe with women with pcos and insulin resistance? Also is it safe to take high amount of folic acid with clomid to help with boy sway?any chance of multiples if We tried to gender sway this time by using baking soda so we hopefully have a boy. L gave me two options to try: a $2 baking soda and water solution that I would douche with before every baby making attempt or the several hundred dollar option which involved a fertility clinic and medication. Feb 16, 2015 Dr. The treatment is douching with a baking soda solution (?one tsp per pint of water) before sex or some women dip their moistened finger into baking soda and then put it in their vagina about 15 . Then one 5 hours before bd another day but it really was hit and miss. Which is why when TTC Boy they say to add baking soda to the preseed. Baby Girl . Some women on Clomid (artificial hormone to induce ovulation) do not have the right type of mucus or enough. TTC My Baby was I had to use Clomid so I actually used Preseed with Clomid and BD'd throughout my high/peak days through ovulation. We will see . Low and behold the I have pcos and im insulin resistance trying to sway boy this cycle. Has anyone here tried baking soda to help with ph and cm? I read that the little swimming like a more alkaline environment