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God's Own Country

Kerala's endless list of tourist destinations is sure to interest any traveler. Kerala is known for its scenic locations and natural beauty, and anyone who loves nature will be captivated by its hills, backwaters, beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife. Exploring diverse forts, palaces, museums, monuments, and pilgrim centers can help you discover the state's rich heritage and thriving culture. You will find both natural and manmade brilliance waiting for you as you travel.

Kerala travel packages
Kerala travel packages


Alappuzha is a gateway to Kerala's backwaters and is often compared to Venice because of its abundance of canals. Rent a houseboat to get a closer look at the palm-lined waterways. The snake boat race is a festival that takes place in August and has a crew of over 100 local sailors in each traditional boat.

Kerala tours and packages
Kerala tours and packages


Munnar is a romantic place where natural beauty is everywhere to visit, explore and to enjoy. Munnar, a well-known hill station in south India, is located at the junction of three mountain streams, Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. There are virgin forests, savannah rolling hills, scenic valleys, many streams, huge splashy waterfalls, and sprawling tea plantations and the great holiday experience in Munnar is complemented by the winding walkways.

Kerala tour packages tours
Kerala tour packages tours


Kovalam beach is known worldwide and has three crescent beaches adjacent to it. A beautiful bay of calm waters created by a massive rocky promontory on the beach has become a favorite destination for tourists. This beach offers a wide range of leisure activities. These activities include sunbathing, swimming, herbal body toning massages, special cultural programs, and catamaran cruising. A faint blush of coppery tan on the skin can be seen in a matter of minutes due to the tropical sun's rapid action. Life on the beach begins late in the day and continues until the night.


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Kerala is an amazing place to find a relief from everyday stress. Beautiful resorts, amazing beaches and a special attention to the practice of mindfulness. Contact us so we can help you organize a memorable stay at one of the most magical places on the planet.